Up Next, February 7th, 2022:
Ohio’s Pivotal Moment —
The Election of 1863


You of course know about Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address of November 19, 1863. You probably know that it was preceded by Edward Everett’s two-hour lecture.  But did you know that afterwards, dignitaries retreated to a local church and heard Ohio Lieutenant Governor-elect Charles Anderson deliver an address? Until recently discovered by an ancestor and published as part of a book by author David T. Dixon, Anderson’s Gettysburg Address had been lost to time. Schoen’s presentation will discuss Anderson, his address, and the tumultuous political times in Ohio leading up to it. A deeply divided, bell-weather state central to the war effort, the Unionist-ticket of Ohio Alum John Brough and Anderson against a Peace Democratic ticket of Clement Vallandigham and his attorney, George Pugh proved important for the state’s continued support of the war effort but also a template for national elections the following year.