Up Next: Over Hyped, Under Hyped, or Forgotten?


May 10, 2017 (Wednesday) – Big Deal, Little Deal, No Deal

David Frey will lead a discussion on various events during the Civil War and explore whether they have been over hyped, under hyped, or regrettably or mercifully forgotten. The idea will be to have a lively conversation about whether or not in terms of the overall impact on the course of the war these events were really a “big deal,” a “little deal,” or “no deal” at all.

Some possible items for this discussion include: Trans-Mississippi Campaign post Vicksburg, Halleck replacing McClellan as general-in-chief, Sickles salient at Gettysburg, implementation of the Anaconda Plan, Morgan’s Raid, Sherman’s “mental breakdown,” Buell’s insubordination, Vallandigham’s campaign for Ohio governor, western Virginia becoming a separate state, introduction of greenbacks, Stonewall’s lethargy during Seven Days, rifled weapons, Lee’s health, European actions, Sherman’s March to the Sea, attacks upon Ft. Fisher, creation of United States Color Troop regiments, and the battle of the Monitor and Merrimack. 

The above are just suggestions.  The hope is to have lots of audience suggestions and participation.  This is not be a debate with “winners and losers” but just an open and free-wheeling discussion.