Up Next: A Discussion of the Civil War Monument Crisis


Sept. 13, 2017 (Wednesday) — Civil War Monuments in the 21st Century: Relevant Historical Artifacts or Relics of a Past Best Forgotten

This program will focus on the recent controversies involving the removal, the relocation, and in a few cases, the destruction of Civil War monuments, mainly in the South.  Brian Schoen will place these monuments in historical context by discussing when they were erected and what they represented to the people responsible for them.  After these opening remarks, those present will be encouraged to engage in a give and take on the hotly contested issue so much in the news. If, as historian Carl Becker claimed long ago, “History is what the present chooses to remember about the past,” who and what do we wish to commemorate? How do we, as a society, deal with previous generations’ answers to those questions, both those that took form in the stone and bronze statues peppering our public landscape and those that never made it off the drawing board?  Join us for what promises to be a vibrant and highly relevant conversation.