Up Next: Love and War — A Romantic Tale of Two Generals and Their Wives


April 12, 2017 (Wednesday) – Francis and Arabella; John and Fanny: Love and War.

ThBarlowis presentation, by returning guest John Fazio, tells the story of Union General Francis C. Barlow and his wife, Arabella, and Confederate General John B. Gordon and his wife, Fanny.  Both wives followed their husbands from battlefield to battlefieldGordon and each nursed her spouse back to good health after life-threatening wounds.  At Gettysburg, Gordon saved Barlow’s life by ministering to him on the battlefield and by arranging for Arabella to come through his lines to be with her husband, only to face him in head-to-head combat ten months later at Spotsylvania. After the war, the two warriors — each thinking the other dead — met at a dinner party and were “resurrected” to each other, becoming fast friends for the rest of their lives.  So ironic are the encounters that one would think the story was scripted in Hollywood.