Up Next: The Significance of John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry

May 9, 2017 (Wednesday) “A-mouldering in the grave” —  John Brown’s raid and the Abolitionist Cause on the eve of the Civil War

You know the story of John Brown’s raid. But do you know the story of where, how, and why the plot was hatched?  Ever heard of John Brown’s “constitution,” his Canadian “founders,” or the British military man that Brown hired to train his troops, a man who betrayed Brown’s cause to leading northern politicians?  What about the story of James Redpath, a British journalist who would eulogize Brown and then dodge federal officials trying to get him to testify, before becoming a promoter of African-American emigration to Haiti.  This talk by Brian Schoen will explore the dynamics leading up to the raid and its aftermath, as well as its meaning in the context of the times and for a nation that would — within a year — be on the brink of war.