Up Next: Grant & Sherman: An Ohio friendship that won the war

Oct 10, 2018 (Wednesday) — The friendship of two Ohio generals and its influences on the conduct and the ultimate success of the Union War efforts

Noted Grant and Civil War historian Frank Scaturro makes a return trip to Athens to discuss the crucial role that the growing friendship of Ohio generals Grant and Sherman played in the prosecution of the war. 

Grant and Sherman faced adversity in their prewar lives. When the war started, they answered the call to duty. But no one observing where they both were in 1861 would have predicted their meteoric rise to the top of the army.  Neither could anyone have predicted the tragic events that these two Ohio born and raised men would witness — the horror and the bloodshed that was of such a magnitude that it raised the question of the very survival of the Union itself. In this context, Scaturro will explore intertwining stories of Grant and Sherman from their early life to the war years and afterwards.

A word about Scaturro’s background: He is a Washington, D.C., attorney and author of one of the first scholarly books on Grant’s presidency to reassess the conventional notion that he was a failed president.  Instead in President Grant Reconsidered, he presents evidence and makes a strong case for Grant being the first civil rights president, who took decisive action to promote the civil rights of blacks and to fight for equal rights for all citizens.  Frank is also the author of a legal tome that documents the Supreme Court’s shameful retreat from the gains freedmen had made during Reconstruction.