18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, or How the Boys in Blue from Athens Helped Save the Union

Wednesday, Oct. 8 — How 18th Ohio and the Boys from Athens Helped Save the Union.  Scott Diezman and Glenn Davis will do a presentation on the formation, recruitment, training and engagements of the 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  Scott describes their presentation this way: “In October, 1861, a group of anxious and patriotic men from Athens County and other surrounding counties formed the 18th OVI to do their part in putting down the Southern rebellion.  The unit trained at Camp Wool in Athens, under the command of Col. Timothy Stanley and soon set out to make their mark on history.  Our presentation will highlight key events that forged this regiment into one of the best units in the Army of the Cumberland and earned them numerous citations for valor.  The climax of the presentation centers around the Battle of Chickamauga and the pivotal role that Athenian Lt Col Charles Grosvenor and the ‘Boys from Athens’ played in preventing the total elimination of the Army of the Cumberland and ultimately earning their Corps Commander, Maj Gen George Henry Thomas, the nickname ‘The Rock of Chickamauga.’  Following the Battle of Chickamauga, we’ll take you into Chattanooga — a city under siege and end with the 18th OVI’s role in the little-known, but critical, battle at Brown’s Ferry which paved the way for the final deathblow to the Confederate forces in the western theater.  You will hear the accounts of the battles and conditions first-hand from the diaries and letters of the men themselves and feel a sense of pride for the major contributions that our ancestors, ‘The Boys from Athens,’ made in preserving the Union.” There will also be three tables of Civil War relics for you to examine at this meeting.  All in all, it’s going to be a really exciting evening!